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  1. I totally agree, lets be friends. I don't like arguments. Frank told me you and he had a good discussion about his bike and you suggested he get a Dyna 2000, I told him the same thing a while back, now he wants me to price one for him. Maybe great minds think alike at times. We just have different ways doing things. I'm the type that likes to look outside the box and examine all possibilities.
  2. john you have said your opinion and i respect that--i won't say any more about that--lets be friends--i don't care to disagree or argue. paul cashio
  3. jtodd5781 it is not possible that a new stock starter can perform like one of my super starters if your freind trully has one of my starters and it dosen't out perform a ricks starter--tell him to send it back and i will replace it for free thanks paul cashio
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