For everybody living in a cave or not on the 2WS facebook page, I posted this on the GLD Bike/Snowmobile, and 2WS FB pages:

Okay we have the go ahead from the track and the race director. The Bike/ Snowmobile class will not race at Great Lakes Dragaway on the weekend of May 31st and June 1st in order to support the 2WS race at Byron. The Make up race will be a 2WS race at Great Lakes Dragaway on June 15th (Fathers Day). All three index classes, PST, and E.T. More to come.... Stay tuned!

We have one other schedule conflict between GLD and 2WS. The fine folks at GLD are gonna wait and see how the first 2WS race goes before they commit to rescheduling the second conflict. We need the support of the bike and SNOWMOBILE racers for this to work. There are several of us that want to run both tracks and want to see 2WS succeed and hopefully grow into what it once was. Also if these two dates are a success we are hoping to parlay that into a couple or more track series for next year or sometime in the future. That's a bit into the furture but for now everyone that wants to can support both if they choose!