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Thread: The Health of Pro Mod Bikes Today

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    The Health of Pro Mod Bikes Today

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    I agree with everything that was said. Well written article.

    It was mentioned that the advent of the GS stroker crank was a game changer for the class in question...

    I can't help but think that what has happened in NHRA Pro Stock with regards to the GS-based Suzuki platforms influenced this to some degree. With the increased displacement rules and the encouraged continued use of the GS cases, engine builders had to come up with a killer crankshaft that still fit in these cases and yet give them the displacement needed to compete with the V-twins in the class. Vance and Hines GS stroker crank is a case in point.

    To this end, NHRA P/S rules has sort of aided in the continued development of the GS stuff. This R&D gets spilled off into the other classes which end up using it (the stroker crank in P/M).

    Where would things be (for all classes) if NHRA had encouraged (via rules), the development of the newer Busa/ZX-14 platforms in P/S motorcycle?
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    Money and commitment have ruled the modern world of drag racing. Hell, motor sports practically across the board...


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